We are a market leader in jewelers alloys, providing karated gold, gold and silver master alloys, brass, bronze, and more to our clients throughout Chicago and the United States.  We offer a wide range of compositions and adhere to the strictest tolerances and specifications. Our commitment to quality and service are second to none. Primary industries served are manufacturing jewelers, silversmiths, and art casting foundries.

We sell Jewelers Silver Solders.

We produce a wide variety of Silver Solders from .020″-.081” in diameter.  The coils weigh from 1 toz to 100 troy ounces.  Some of the most popular Silver Brazing Alloys are listed below.

Horizon Jewelry Solder Description Nominal Silver Content
BZ*75 Hard 75%
BZ*70 Medium 70%
BZ*65 Easy 65%
BZ*56T Super Easy 56%


We Buy & Sell Metals & Alloys

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